Some software

Many people have written free software and I profit from their work every second my linux box runs. My intention is to give something in return (for commercial applications see my mobile applications [German]). Let's see:

tonality - a free piano

Version 1.2
F-Droid: Installable on Android

Tonality provides a piano keyboard which can be played on. Scales can be highlighted based on a root note to ease learning of them.

Inspired by and derived from


Version 1.2.1
Please note that atom has been sunsetted at the end of 2022.

Keep a diary with entries in a markup language (Asciidoc or Markdown), inspired by diary-private.el.


Version 0.3.2
Download WWW-Watch-0.3.2.tar.gz [gpg sig]

A little perl-script like urlmon. Uses lynx or the linemodebrowser of the w3c to load pages. It's main purpose is monitoring changes on the web, so it can be invoked regularly via cron. I like the cronjob telling me which pages changed.

MoxQuizz (accept no substitutes)


A quizbot for IRC built for eggdrop. It now has it's own page


Version 0.9.3

The fun commands of MoxQuizz. Some people asked me to provide this as an extra module. Check the README.moxfun how it brings more fun into your channel.


Version 2.6.0
Download: statnethack [gpg sig]

Yet another perl script which is useful to players of the incredibly addictive, famous and puzzling game called Nethack. It reads the logfile and produces a statistic over the several character classes and how they performed. The statistics can be viewed as tables on stdout or in it's GTK gui. The overview generated include tables for role, race, gender and alignment. A table entry consists of at least the number of games played, average score, highest score, average level, highest level and number of ascendings. You can restrict the statistics for certain roles, races and alignments. A seperate list of playernames can be generated too and all filters can be applied here. The same holds for a list of death reasons, where killings by monsters can be collapsed to a single line for a better view. Logentries from Nethack versions 3.3, 3.2 and prior are supported.

View a standard output, filtered output (last example of help text), link:statnethack.deathreasons.txt[list of death reasons] and the[help text] to get a better idea of it's purpose. A list of changes is aviable, too. Several screenshots of the GTK gui are here: statistics tables, deadly levels, death reasons and a list of players.

diary-private for Emacs

Version 1.11
Download: diary-private.el [gpg sig]

Extension to diary-lib.el to maintain a collection of diary files in a sepereate directory in addition to your standard diary file. You can use this to keep a private diary beside a file with appointments. Filenames are choosen on a monthly basis, the containing directory is customizable. If you create an entry at the current date, a time stamp is added, too.


Just put the file into your load-path and add (require 'diary-private) to your .emacs file.


Create new entries as follows:

i p Entry with normal date
i i p Entry with islamic date
i h p Entry with hebrew date

GMPGO for Emacs

Version 0.5.1 alpha
Download: gmpgo.el [gpg sig]

Code to play GO against any program implementing the Standard Go Modem Protocol. People say release early, release often. Well, this is a very early release and you cannot expect to finish a single game or even that it runs in your emacs. But maybe you try it, like it and encourage me ;)

Sky Jukebox for irssi

Version 0.9.12
Download: sky-jukebox-0.9.12.tar.gz [gpg sig]

A SPR Jukebox alike file serving script for the great IRC client irssi. ;)

Autoget for irssi

Version 0.7.22
Download: [gpg sig]

The autoget script for the great IRC client irssi, the counterpart to the file serving script.