Creative Coding or Computer Art

Coding can be used for many things. Functional things and things without function. Art?


Objects follow you and freeze on a click. Wander through your frozen followers and listen to their sound. Unfreeze with another click.

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Technologies: Godot, Inkscape, Zynaddsubfx, Renoise, WebAssembly, HTML5


We all have fears. They blocks us. They sucks in and comsume energy we need to live a decent life. Fear is omnipresent in the news and media.

If your needs are fulfilled, you have good feelings. If they are not fulfilled, you have bad feelings - although they are all just feelings. If you have angst, all this is in the background, barely perceptible, everything is just angst.

"You can have fears, but don't be afraid!"

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Technologies: wordclouds by psykhi, programmed in Go